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Help customers adopt, expand, and renew to see the value of solutions.

Expand your relationships and revenues. Help your customers make the most of their investments as an advisor.

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Why partner with Sanwhole?

Boost your revenue with incentives:
  • We offer an adopt incentive for plans that encourage adoption and support successful customer business outcomes.
  • We offer expand incentives for incremental bookings that result from adoption within an architecture.
  • We offer renew incentives for on-time renewals and subscription customers who demonstrate loyalty.

  • Is it for you?

    Should you become a Sanwhole advisor?

    Great question. Here’s a snapshot of what you look like as a typical Sanwhole advisor:

    You pride yourself on your happy customers. Your customers trust you. You help them make the most of their IT investments. Customers count on you to help them adopt software and services and to simplify renewals. Your processes and relationships work. You stay close to your customers. That means you know their buying needs across solutions, software, and services. That helps you expand a solution. And you earn recurring revenue when you renew.

    Do you qualify?

    Is your practice a good fit?

    A suitable practice includes the following:

  • Practice: You have a successful advisor practice that supports business outcomes. You know how to expand sales, accelerate value, and generate renewals.
  • People: You have an experienced staff who can develop and implement a plan that encourages customers to adopt, expand, and renew your solutions and services.
  • Process: Your advisory methodology and processes are proven.
  • Tools: Your tools handle software licensing and asset management.
  • Customer references: You have customer references that attest to the effectiveness of your people and practice.

  • Let us see that you have what it takes

    Show us that you’re an expert in software products. (Certifications, specializations, or Authorized Technology Provider designations provide credit.)

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