Vole Series Software Licenses

Licensing Policy

Sanwhole Vole Series Software license is for user. Each license allows installation on all owned computers, and may be used at exactly the same time on each of them.

Tips: All you licenses are combined into one text file. You may learn your licenses directly via Windows NOTEPAD.

Note: Please don't change the license file, it is encrypted somewhere.

License Activation

You may login store and click top right "Order History" and then click "Download Licenses File" button to download the licenses file. Download, install and run the software and click top right 'Advanced' button and select 'Specify Licenses File' to activate the software.

Tips: You may put your license file at one place, and activate all your products.

Note: Please keep your license file safe. Anyone get your license can activate theirs as you.

Manage Licenses

You may choose which license as the current license via Renew Code Manager. Renew Code Manager is on the top right toolbar with a key icon.

Tips: You need to set current license via Renew Code Manager when you activate a new license.

Activation Tutorial