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If you want to create a clean, complete, stand-alone website, but you do not understand network programming, it is almost impossible. You may have tried some of the online drag-and-drop editing sites that claim to be able to create a website without programming requirements. Without exception, your site cannot be run independently and can only run on that site, and you will not be able to migrate to other places in the future. How to identify the website is complete, can run independently? Disconnect the network cable and clear the browser cache to see if it is running as ever.

        如果您想创建一个干净的,完整的,能够独立运行的网站, 但您不懂网络编程,那几乎是不可能的。您可能尝试过一些声称无编程要求即可创建网站的在线拖放编辑网站的服务。但无一例外,您的网站是不能独立运行的,仅能在该网站上运行,您今后无法迁移到其他地方。如何鉴别网站是完整的,能独立运行的?断开网线,清除浏览器缓存,看它运行是否如初

Even if you can accept that you will not migrate your site in the future, you must also consider online editing issues. While the online drag and drop look is simple, but not high efficiency. The online drag-and-drop editor is far less useful than the local editor because of the speed problem and network technology. Less than 10 pages are barely manageable, and more than 20 pages are difficult to manage.


Even if you know how to do network programming, making a perfect website is still not a simple thing. First, do you have time to build your site from a sentence, a picture to start? Again, are you ready to pay for the beautiful controls you have in mind?


If you want to choose a professional web site editor to create your site, not to mention expensive prices and professional networking skills, are you ready to learn a new software tool for just creating a website? In fact, the production site is not your main business, you do not want to become a website expert, you just want to create a personal site, have their own domain name, share some of your usual work results. You blurted out. Can't I create a website based on my usual documents and familiar word processing software?

       如果您想选择专业的网站编辑器创建您的网站,且不说昂贵的价格和专业的网络技术功底,您是否准备好为仅仅创建一个网站而学习一款新的软件工具?其实,制作网站并不是您的主业,您也并不想成为网站专家,您仅仅是想制作一个个人网站, 有自己的域名,分享一些您平时工作的成果。您脱口而出。难道就不能基于我平时写的文档和熟悉的文字处理软件创建网站吗?



You can now, because of PageShare Website Builder Online Service!

您现在可以了, 因为有了PageShare网站构建在线服务!

It All Starts with Your Stunning Website

Create professional stylish charming websites based on documents.


PageShare Web Builder Online Service lets you create professionally fashionable websites based on word processing files. You only need to focus on editing your document with familiar word processing software. PageShare Web Builder Online Service will complete all remaining work on creating you website. Just note that PageShare Web Builder Online Service automatically  creates website pages based on the headings in your document. Multilevel headings will create multi-level website navigation.

        PageShare网站 生成器在线服务让您基于字处理文件创建专业时尚的网站。您只需要专注于用您熟悉的字处理软件编辑您的文档。PageShare网站 生成器在线服务将完成创建网站剩余的所有工作。您只需注意,PageShare网站 生成器在线服务依据您文档中标题自动创建网页。多级标题将可以创建多级网站导航。

PageShare Web Builder Online Service can configure a variety of website styles based on your settings. For example, custom menu colors,  predefined menu colors, menu left, menu centered, menu right, menu fixed-top, menu fixed-bottom; website brand, website logo, website favicon, picture auto scale, picture landing page, etc.

        PageShare网站 生成器在线服可以根据您的设置,配置多种网站样式。比如自定义菜单颜色,预定义菜单颜色,菜单居左, 菜单居中,菜单居右, 菜单固定于顶部,菜单固定于底部;网站品牌, 网站标志;网站图标;图片自动缩放, 图片登陆页等等。

PageShare Web Builder Online Service lets you build professional websites from your documents for free. You can download the clean,  complete website supporting HTML5 and latest web technologies. The website can be published on Sanwhole or anywhere. Save your document as HTML folder format (usually includes an HTML file and some images in the folder) and submit zipped HTML folder to Sanwhole PageShare Web Builder Online Service, you will get your websites immediately for free.

       PageShare网站 生成器在线服务可让您免费从文档中构建专业网站。您可以下载干净, 完整的网站支持 HTML5 和最新的网络技术。该网站可以发表在 Sanwhole 或任何地方。将文档另存为 html 文件夹格式 (通常包括 html 文件和文件夹中的某些图像), 并将 zip html 文件夹提交给 Sanwhole PageShare网站 生成器联机服务, 您将立即免费获得您的网站。

PageShare Web Builder Online Service supports for mainstream word processing software. PageShare Web Builder Online Service supports  Google Docs, Microsoft Office Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, SoftMaker and Kingsoft WPS word processing software. You can save the document as zipped HTML and then import it into PageShare Web Builder Online Service. Similarly, in theory, PageShare Web Builder Online Service supports all software that can be exported or saved as HTML. If you try, the results are not good, please let us know. Perhaps we can support it soon, thanks first.

        PageShare 网站生成器在线服务支持主流文字处理软件。PageShare Web 生成器在线服务支持谷歌文档, 微软办公语言, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, SoftMaker 和金山 WPS 字处理软件。您可以将文档保存为压缩的HTML 然后将其导入 PageShare Web 生成器联机服务中。同样, 在理论上, PageShare 网站生成器联机服务支持所有可以导出或保存为 HTML 的软件。如果您尝试, 结果是不好的, 请让我们知道。也许我们可以很快支持它, 先致谢意。

The support list is increasing. In theory, it supports all the software and services that can save their document as HTML.

Google Docs (Online)

Version: latest



Microsoft Office Word

Version: 2002 and higher

OpenOffice TextWriter

Version: 4 and higher

LibreOffice TextWriter

Version: 5 and higher


SoftMaker TextWriter

Version: 2018 and higher

Kingsoft WPS TextWriter

Version: 10 and higher



Working with Mainstream Word Processing Software

Build websites based on Google Docs

Edit your websites pages content at Google Docs and save as zipped HTML and then import into PageShare Web Builder Online Service.

PageShare Web Builder Online Service will automatically create website navigation and render your website with custom menu style, favicon, brand and logo, landing image etc.

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Create an Google doc (Example-CafeFaba in this example) that contains your website content.'
Download as zipped HTML.'
Submit the zipped HTML to Sanwhole Website Factory Online Services.'
Click the successful link to preview your website online. The website will be remvoed after a short time.'
Download your website. The website is a clean, complete and free for use. You can publish it anywhere.'
Your website looks like this.'




PageShare Web Builder Online Service is free for use by anyone and for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, and by any means. Most people use PageShare Web Builder Online Service without any kind of license or support.

Web browser and Internet access.

Click the Download button at the bottom to download the zipped website archive. The zipped website is clean, complete and stand-alone and can run independently on WAN and LAN.

No activation required.





Does websites created by PageShare Web Builder must be hosted by you?

No. The exported websites is clean, complete and stand-alone, can be hosted at any web  hosting space.





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Special for Google Docs

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