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VMC Reader

Multimedia Based CHM Help Tools

Bring you new generation help document user experience

We've used VMC reader as user help tools throughout all our products include itself.

VMC Reader is a free Microsoft CHM help document and Sanwhole VMC multimedia library reader, a new generation help tool. With VMC Reader, you can bring your clients totally new generation help document user experience.

If you're tired of static CHM help file. If you would like to inject new vitality to it, such as adding pictures, audio and even video and do not want to recompile the CHM file. If you want CHM file can show web sites, online audio, video, and even YouTube. VMC Reader can let you do these now, and more.

VMC Reader can present a variety of extra resources to traditional CHM help file. VMC Reader is totally compatible with Microsoft CHM document and can display the same CHM document as Microsoft default CHM browser does. When browsing the original CHM document content, VMC Reader can sync display the linked resources in the built-in media player.

VMC Reader can display extra license information for the help file, such as title, summary, author, company and version. VMC Reader can display extra license information for each link too. VMC Reader can display extra reviews and comments information. VMC Reader can display a professional cover, when opened. You can add text, image, animation and background music in the cover and let user know it at beginning.

VMC Reader supports install and portable edition for users and can be embedded as a single-file for developers. VMC Reader support command line and provide C++ and C# embedded examples in the software web page.

The software has friendly interface, supports docked window, 6 display styles, 1 timer assistant.


Embed VMC Reader in your project

Give your clients this new generation help experiences now.

How to let your clients get this new generation help experience? It is simple!


 1, Create a new VMC library or import from your exist chm file and then attach what you want.

    Create VMC multimedia library via

    Using Vole CHM Reviewer to import your exist chm document;

    Using Vole Word Reviewer to import your Microsoft Office Word document;

    Using Vole Media CHM to create your VMC library step by step;

    All these VMC creator has free edition.

 2, Embed single-file VMCReader.exe and your VMC library in your project.

    You can get the latest VMCReader.exe via decompress portable version or find it at install path.

 3, When you want to show help, run codes below:


C++ sample:

#include "windows.h"

WinExec("C:\\YourProject\\VMCReader\\vmcreader.exe C:\\YourProject\\VMCReader\\YourVMC.vmc",SW_SHOW);


C# sample:

using System.Diagnostics;

Process.Start(new ProcessStartInfo("C:\\YourProject\\VMCReader\\vmcreader.exe", "C:\\YourProject\\VMCReader\\YourVMC.vmc"));


Tips: If your clients have installed VMC Reader, you don't have to embed VMCReader.exe in your project.

Download File




More information

Operating System: Windows All with .NET 4.0;

Word Processor: Optional;

PDF Reader: Adobe PDF Reader Optional;

Codec: Update Window Media Player codec to play more audio and video format in built-in Media Player;



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