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Vole CHM Reviewer

Title: Vole CHM Reviewer - Description: Vole CHM Reviewer can add text, image, audio and video reviews to CHM document. When you are reading or learning a Microsoft CHM doc, you may want to write some notes for you or some comments for your staff. Reviewing the doc or printing out are not good ideas, because that will change the CHM file or uneconomical. Vole CHM Reviewer can add text, image, audio and video reviews to CHM document. Vole CHM Reviewer shows the original doc and user reviews in parallel window and display text notes and multimedia notes synchronously. Vole CHM Reviewer never changes the CHM doc in VMC, and you can export the original CHM doc at any time. Vole CHM Reviewer supports PKCS #12 the most security digital signature. Vole CHM Reviewer uniquely supports exclusive and non-exclusive digital signature lets one or more people of your team sign the same Office Word document. Vole CHM Reviewer lets you release any Office CHM document with signature with ease. With Vole CHM Reviewer you never be afraid that don't know which one is signed and which one doesn't before release.

Music Mate displays animation artworks cover and sync play lyrics

With Music Mate you can display full size artworks cover, animation artworks cover and sync lyrics display while listening to the music. Music Mate supports for most popular music such as mp3, flac, m4a etc. it is much better than Windows Media Player and Apple iTunes.

Music Mate automatically syncs the lyrics and play progress bar. So when you can adjust the play progress bar, the lyrics will be adjusted automatically. If you double click the lyrics, the play progress bar will be automatically adjusted.

VMC Discovery

Discovery VMC Multimedia Library in any webpage and preview the media integrated just like local way.

VMC Discovery is the standard function embedded in any Vole Products. You can find VMC Discovery on the right side in the software main window.

VMC Discovery will automatically analyze any web page and try to find out VMC media library.  When analyze is ready, VMC Discovery will list the analyze results on the bottom list. You can click the VMC multimedia items and preview the integrated multimedia online.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer that supports several preset timer plus customize timer and makes text, image and sound alarm when triggered.

Just one key, you can set a countdown timer including 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. minutes intervals. And you may set different interval via enter value. The timer will display the time left when counting down and will make text, image and sound alarm when timeout. You can click stop to close the timer, or the timer will display the over time. 

A convenient timer is very useful especially when you concentrate on more than one thing.


Six Color Themes

Six beautiful featured themes relax your eyes; they are: Office Blue, Office Silver, Office Black, Media Blue, Media Orange and Media Purple;

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