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Vole Media CHM

Multimedia CHM creator and viewer

Title: Vole Media CHM - Description: Multimedia CHM creator and viewer

CHM is Microsoft standard help document format. Vole Media CHM is a standard Microsoft CHM document created by Sanwhole Vole Media CHM software. Vole Media CHM lets you create professional and stunning CHM via Microsoft Office Word. You don’t have to know the complicated CHM structure. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to create and compile CHM components. If you can use Microsoft Office Word you can create professional and stunning CHM. Vole Media CHM supports Microsoft, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Softmaker Word processor.

What is professional?

Vole Media CHM lets you create Microsoft Office Word style beautiful and professional CHM. You can almost take advantage of all Word feature, such as beautiful background and font, professional table, Smart Art, images, tree style heading line, etc. Is Microsoft Office Word professional? If it is, your CHM document is professional. Is Microsoft Office Word document beautiful? If it is, your CHM document is beautiful. And you don’t have to know the complicated CHM technical. You complete your word document, your complete your CHM document.

Title: Vole Media CHM - Description: Vole Media CHM

Title: Vole Media CHM - Description: Vole Media CHM

What is stunning?

Forget about Microsoft help document boring face. Vole Media CHM lets you build new help experience. Except for the professional and beautiful Microsoft Office Word style CHM document, Vole Media CHM lets you integrate online images, video, YouTube, Vimeo etc. into your CHM document.

Since the advent of Vole Media CHM, the CHM file is no longer just a help file. Vole Media CHM builds a professional and stunning help and entertainment environments for you!

If you want to help others. Vole Media CHM can convert your Word document to CHM with ease. If you want to create online images gallery, YouTube video collection, Vimeo video collection and websites collection, etc. Vole Media CHM can help you. And lets you integrate hundreds items of the collection to a less than 200KB CHM document. Share your Media CHM with others and they can enjoy the Media CHM without install any other software.

Some Sanwhole Media CHM screenshot (Opened by Microsoft Windows built-in CHM viewer):

Integrate Images

Integrate MP4

Integrate YouTube


Integrate Vimeo

Integrate Controls


More information

Operating System: Windows All with .NET 4.0;

Word Processor: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or Softmaker Word processor;

PDF Reader: Adobe PDF Reader Optional;

Codec: Update Window Media Player codec to play more audio and video format in built-in Media Player;


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