iMail Hosting

Enterprise and Small Business Internal E-mail Services

iMail is an free E-mail system. The most similar software is the earliest Microsoft Exchange. Compare with the latest Microsoft exchange, iMail focuses on email services only, doesn’t have task, calendar, voice mail and other features.

Unlike latest Microsoft Exchange, Google G Suit and other web email services – the email data must be store on their cloud, iMail stores all email data at your owned area, usually just in your office. We believe store company email data at public area or the area that you don’t own is not acceptable for many reasons, the mainly are security and speed. Public email system and company email system should be separated. For example, you should not allow your employees send company data to public email addresses such as or etc. via company email system.

iMail Hosting extends iMail features from local to online. With iMail Hosting, your staff can send and receive e-mail via internet as well.

If you don't want to setup your local iMail sytem, you can use iMail Hosting separately. Your e-mail system is still safe because iMail Hosting is a internal e-mail system too. And you can link your iMail Hosting to your local iMail system when your local iMail system is ready.

iMail Hosting is affordable, only $12.00/account/year, 5GB e-mail space, up to 50MB attachment, unlimited bandwidth. And more we will offer a 3 months free experience for limited business, no credit card required. Get the free trial here

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