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Remote Work Process Control System Based on ISO 9000 Documented Information Control

 iOffice consists of iMail, iFile and Vole PDCA. To create a remote office environment that meets the requirements of ISO 9000 documented information control. With iMail server, you and your employees can get enterprise e-mail service both inside and outside the company. With iFile server, each process in the work is effectively controlled or remote controlled and meets ISO 9000 documented information control requirements including identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention and disposition. With Vole PDCA software, your employees can easily and quickly carry out local control of the process, including new, read, modify, add files and records, digital signature and other operations. Its flexible process design can be applied to all kinds of process control, including variable process control. Its continuous improvement function supports all process documented information control. 

·         Enterprise e-mail service support company local access and Internet access.

·         Support ISO 9000 document and record control include identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention and disposition control process - powerful.

·         Support ISO 9000 Process Control - powerful.

·         Support ISO 9000 iterative PDCA four-step management and continue improvement - powerful.

·         Support local and remote control, real remote work - essential.

·         All data is kept within your company rather than in a third party - safest.

·         The structure is extremely simple and the use is incredibly convenient - simplest.

Note: the control objective of this system are the document, record and documented information involved in ISO 9000. The system cannot directly control the machine, equipment and production products, unless the product itself is the documented information.


As the pandemic forces many employees to work from home, how your organizations stay productive?

Why does remote work and remote education fail to play its due role in this coronavirus outbreak?

In fact, remote work is very popular today. Forecast reporting that 34 million Americans work from home by 2016. And Intuit reports the number is expected to reach a staggering 60 million (40% of the American workforce) by 2020.

The United States has the world's best remote work infrastructure including mobile, networking, social media, computers, security, software and law. On December 9, 2010, the U.S. Federal Government passed the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010. Facebook, Apple, Amazon AWS, Google G Suite, and Microsoft 365, they provide a first-class platform for remote work.

But the United States announced that economic output collapsed 4.8 percent in the first quarter of the year as COVID-19 hit, the steepest decline since the Great Recession of 2008. "These data capture only the squall before the second quarter hurricane," Ian Shepherdson of Pantheon Macroeonomics said, warning that far worse could be ahead.

Why does remote work and remote education fail to play its due role in this coronavirus outbreak? One view is that it's because only part of economy’s work (physical and mental effort) can be done remotely, especially only mental work can be done remotely. But this view clearly does not explain why schools are unable to provide remote education. Education is almost all of mental effort.

I think the main reason is that people considers too much "remote" and too few "work" in remote work. Remote work is work remotely. Its essence is work, not remote. Therefore, in order to do remote work well, we must study what work is carefully.

The explanation of "Work" in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English is as follows: to do a job that you are paid for. Therefore, "Work" includes the following four processes (P-D-C-A):

1, Customer requirement (Plan);

2, Worker do to meet the customer requirement (Do);

3, Customer check to verify if the done meets customer requirement (Check);

4, Repeat act step 2 and 3 until customer satisfaction (Act).

We found that worker only did step 2 in the above "Work" process. And no requirement (step 1) work can't start, no pass check (step 3) work can't end.

Here, customer, workers are general. The same person may be both a customer and a worker due to different roles. For example, a software engineer is a worker when he is performing tasks assigned by his manager and he is a customer when assigning subtasks to others.

As for remote education, it is actually a subset of remote work. Among them, customer is teacher, worker is student, and customer requirement is homework.

OK, now we can look back, has the United States remote work and remote education done the work P-D-C-A four step process control? The answer is: No. Face book, Apple, Amazon AWS, Google G Suite, and Microsoft 365, none of them can really do the process control. They provide entertainment, email and tool services for the public instead of P-D-C-A process control meeting the quality control requirements.

Sanwhole started to develop remote work and remote education system 10 years ago. And published iOffice system and iSchool system to the software market six years ago. Now, the stability of the system is greatly improved. This system can solve the unsolved core problems in remote work and remote education that I mentioned earlier.

If you have any need or suggestion, please contact me at norman@sanwhole.com.

Enterprise e-mail service

With iMail server, you and your employees can get enterprise e-mail service both inside and outside the company. Even if you are on holiday, you can use your mobile phone to process internal mail.

Control of documents

iOffice realizes documents control through various advanced technical means to ensure that it meets the requirements of ISO file control. Include identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention and disposition.

Process Control

iOffice implements effective documents control for each process. iOffice automatically adapts to a variety of processes and automatically responds to changing processes.

PDCA four-step management  and continue improvement

Vole PDCA (Vole Plan–Do–Check–Act) is an iterative four-step management for the control and continuous improvement of processes and products. Vole PDCA lets you create project description PLAN; Integrate any project documents into a project document library to trace your DO; Support PKCS #12 digital signature to CHECK; Powerful version control can achieve ACT and continuous improvements.

Here is a simple example that created in 2014. You can understand the specific implementation of the unique, identifiable, traceable, and storable requirements of documented information control. At the same time, you can also understand the basic process of P-D-C-A process control. This is just one of the most basic examples. The system can adapt to more complex variable process, repetitive process, and continuous improvement requirements.





Local and Remote documents control

iOffice supports not only local documents control within the company, but also remote documents control. No matter where you are, as long as you have can access internet, even if you are on vacation, you can check the documents control status through your mobile phone or carry out full-featured documents control through your notebook.


Save all data within your company

iOffice server is self-hosted server and must install in your company. iOffice stores all data at your owned area, usually just in your office. Even if you access or control documents from the Internet, the final data is still saved to your local iOffice server.


Simple structure and convenient use

iOffice system only need one Windows 10 enterprise computer that can access Internet as iOffice Server within your company. 

iOffice client computer only need install one software -  Sanwhole Studio software.



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