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A remote projects control and digital office system

iOffice is a remote projects control and digital office system, meets the ISO 9000 requirements. IOffice make your product more safe, more reliable quality, management and control processes more legitimate.

IOffice was created because we needed a better way to control our own projects quality management and existing software was either too basic or too confusing and neither of them can meet the ISO 9000 requirements.

Our production line covers market research, project management, design and development, manufacturing and after-sales service. We have long engaged in railway and subway security control.

In addition to meeting the basic requirements of the ISO 9000 quality management, we must also meet other more stringent safe quality certification. Safety, quality, controllable, these concepts have been integrated into our blood. Our quality and safety department faces hundreds of documents needed for approval every day. We are always looking to meet a project management and quality control integration software. However, most of them focus on project management without quality control and safety control.

IOffice make your product more safe, more reliable quality, management and control processes more legitimate, the accidents to a minimum. When problems arise, minimize your management responsibilities, allowing you to sleep more soundly, more at ease.

IOffice is practical software that gets back your projects control so that you can reduce unnecessary quality problems and simply Get Things Done. By using IOffice, your team will be organized, your clients will be impressed, you will be more confident through the ISO 9000 quality examined, and your business will take off.



An iterative four-step management method used in business for the control and continuous improvement of processes and products.


IOffice focus on PLAN, DO, CHECK and ACT lets you create MS Office Word based project description PLAN; Integrate any project documents into a project document library to trace your DO; Support PKCS #12 digital signature to CHECK; Powerful version control can achieve ACT and continuous improvements.


VMC Project Library

A professional single-file library to manage project files.


IOffice integrates every your project documents into a single-file portable library named VMC Multimedia Library. You can add any document into the library and preview a variety of documents in the built-in media player such as images, audio, video, MS Office Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF etc. You don't have to open other program.


Digital Signature

The easiest and safest way to protect and authority your projects documents.

Vole PDCA uniquely supports exclusive and nonexclusive digital signature which supports one or more people to sign the same library. The library can be signed in

one place or in different places. So you can email the library to the next person after a signature. Once all signatures are done you can email the signed library copy to every one of them.




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