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How to Redeem and Active

1.     Register on the Sanwhole website if you are not registered.

Please note that the registration process requires email confirmation. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please check your spam folder.

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Go to Sanwhole offical website (https://sanwhole.com), and then click the top right CUSTOMER AREA button."
Click the Register as a new user link."
Enter the information and then click Register button."
Please check your emailbox Index and Spam folder!"
Go to your mailbox and click the confirm link to confirm your account."
Now your Sanwhole account is available, you can use this account to activate your software."

Click the image above to see the large image.


2.    Run Sanwhole Studio software, click the circle button in the upper left corner, and select “Activate this PC” or “Redeem Purchase Code”. Then input the account email, password and redeem code (if redeem) in the pop-up dialog window.

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Click Application icon and then select Activate this PC or Redeem Purchase Code from the menu."
Then input the account email, password registered at Sanwhole official website."
Then, Sanwhole Software Licences Manager windows will automatically pop up and you can find the license in the list."

Click the image above to see the large image.

3.   Done!

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