Advanced Setting

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Version History

Display the software all version history.


Software Name: vole Internet Expedition

Software Version: 3.38.60102

Current EXE Hash = EDB8…8C8B

Changing log includes Number, Version, Time, Outline etc.

   HASH_IN: installer version MD5 value.

   HASH_ZIP: portable version MD5 value.

   HASH_EXE: exe MD5 value.

You can calculate the installer MD5 value via MD5 tools before install if you get the installer not from Sanwhole.

Sanwhole Software Compatible Check

You may use this software to check current software compatible status. If can also check other Sanwhole software compatible results for your PC. There are some extra features in this software as well. Such as enable the software auto startup.

Load Scenes when starts

Vole Internet and Windows Expedition loading scene.

If you check this setting, you will enable Scene-Reproduce feature. Scene-Reproduce feature will automatically save the opened web pages and their docking configuration to your local disk and will restore the opened web pages or documents same as saved when starts. You don't have to open the same websites or documents again and again. It will save much time for you every day.


Initialize Hibernating-Scenes


The software automatically saves the window position when exit. If software restores window error when startup, such as the loss of a window, you can use this command to restore the default window.

Note: For Vole Internet Expedition and Vole Windows Expedition this command will also clear the entire current scene. So please often archive important scenes.

Allow to Play Background Music


VMC media library supports to automatically playing background music when open. Background music format can be most audio format. Whether the computer can play the music depends on the installed codec. If the computer doesn’t install the codec when automatically play the background music, this maybe cause uncertain error. So you can uncheck this to avoid this happening when play others VMC media library.



Checked when play YouTube Vevo video in VMC library. You may download SanwholeVevoMate.exe and run it when play YouTube Vevo video in CHM.

Minimize To System Tray

Setting will take effect after the software restart. The software will minimize to system try when you minimize the software. You can double click the software icon in the system tray to restore the software window.

Full Screen

When Press F11 or click Full Screen, the software will enter full screen mode. Press F11 or click Full Screen again, the software will exit full screen mode.

Show Status Bar

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If you want to accurately locate the software window size, such as screen recording, you can set a specific size and click the Settings button.


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