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A Super Office Tools Package, Powerful, Easy to Use, Inexpensive and Fully Compatible.



Vole Word

A light Microsoft Word editor, help you create full-featured Microsoft Word DOCX document and replicate Microsoft Office user experience.


Vole Excel

A light Microsoft Excel editor, help you create full-featured Microsoft Excel XLSX document and replicate Microsoft Office user experience.


Vole Briefcase

Create, edit, and present your ideas in dynamic, visually compelling ways. Vole Briefcase lets you present your ideas with rich text, images, audio, video and online resources. Vole Briefcase uniquely support present whole document such as DOCX, PDF, MHTML etc. Vole Briefcase uniquely support present a whole embed HTML 5 website. Compare with PowerPoint, you don’t worry your content are too small within one page, each Vole Briefcase presentation page has scrollbar.

Vole PageShare

The HTML 5 website is recognized as the strongest presentation system, and no other presentation software can match it. Why not create a website to show your thoughts. Creating a HTML 5 website with Vole PageShare is as simple as using Microsoft Word. And publishing websites on Sanwhole is free. Any register user will receive 150 M *1 free website space, enough for you to publish 10 websites for free.

Vole Edutainment

A powerful player. The difference is that Vole Edutainment can not only play music and videos, but can also automatically present file contents such as DOCX, PDF, MHTML, etc. Vole Edutainment can also present web pages, as well as online music videos like YouTube etc.


Vole Magic Note

From simple rich text note to the most complex HTML 5 note, the Vole Magic Note can handle it with ease. Vole Magic Note lets you create a complete professional website as your each note. How powerful can your note be? You note can be a complete professional website! Can any other note more powerful than a website? No, they can’t. How simple can your note be? You note also can simple as a smile face. No note title, category and others you have to consider. Timeline is always ready for you! So your note is the most …


Vole Word Reviewer

No review functions even Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF can meet ISO file management requirements because they change the original file after reviewing the file. That is absolute not acceptable for digital file management. Review Microsoft Word document without changing the original file. The only Microsoft Word review software that meets ISO file review requirements. At least, Vole Word Reviewer has considered this.


Vole PDF Creator

Vole PDF Creator lets you create professional PDF just like editing Microsoft Word files. The built-in Word editor repeats Microsoft Office user experience. You can create multilevel bookmark PDF with rich Text, pictures, hyperlinks, and MS style tables and preview in the built-in previewer.



Sanwhole Exchange email client. iMail helps you send and receive company internal email (similar to Outlook) and public domain email (similar to Gmail) at same time.

*1 Each registered user will receive 150 M of free website space, which will be officially put into use at the end of November 2018. You are welcome to experience it. If you need more space, the price is $1.00/GB/Month.



Sanwhole Office is powerful, easy to use, inexpensive and fully compatible with Microsoft Office Word and Excel, making it the best choice for individuals and companies.  






Always up to date.

Free minor update and major upgrade during subscription duration. Provide free edition features out of subscription duration.


Life Time use + free minor Updates.

You can free update to version 3.xx.xxxxx, but you need to pay for the upgrade to version 4.xx.xxxxx, just like you need to pay for windows 8 when you bought windows 7.


Life Time use + free major Upgrades.

You can free upgrade any version, just like you have bought all windows version at once, include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc.



Sanwhole software products support a 60-day paid try.

After paying the full payment, the product enters the try stage. During the try stage, the software functions are not reduced. You can ask to stop the try in the try stage. We will refund the balance to you after deducting your try fee. The try fee are as follows:

Try it  7 days for $ 1.00

Try it 30 days for 10% and at least $4.00

Try it  60 days for 25% and at least $10.00

Exceeding the try stage (60 days), no refund will be given.


Each license allows installation on all your owned and you use computers and may be used at exactly the same time.

School license can be used for school only; only business, enterprise license can be used for business.

License may not be resold.

You only need to purchase one license per product.


Set all licenses in one file, easy activate and no online activated required.

If activation fails during use, try downloading the license file and activating it again.


AUTD edition renewal price is same with order price. LTUD and LTUG edition may be used indefinitely.


Support is provided for the lifetime at Sanwhole Forums.

At Expiration

At subscription expiration (AUTD only), the applications enter a reduced-functionality mode, which means documents can be viewed but it isn’t possible to edit or create


In order to prevent your licenses not to be terminated due to piracy, we require users to use real full name registration. The software will display the license owner full name on the top of the software, for example: “Hi Norman Wong!”

Because using real full name registration, others dare not use your license and you will not use others. This protects us and protects you, too. We will stop the piracy license even if it is yours.

We've handled thousands of PayPal users. Your information is safe.


Operating System: Windows All with .NET 4.0

This flow is only for Vole Series Windows Software, not for i Series ASP.NET software because they are free for anyone use.

“VoleLicenses.txt” is the only file to activate your computes. If you already got the “VoleLicenses.txt” license file, you may skip 1) and 2).

1)    You may login and click top right "Your Name" to enter your account.

2)    In your account select ORDER |  ORDER HISTORY tree item and then click "Download Licenses File" button to download the licenses file.

3)    Install and run the software and click top right ‘Advanced’ button and select 'Specify Licenses File' to specify “VoleLicenses.txt” file to activate the software.

4)    Choose current license via Renew Code Manager. Renew Code Manager is on the top right toolbar with a key icon.

Title: Sanwhole Software Activation - Description: Sanwhole Software Activation


1)    You may put your license file at one place, and activate all your products. If you have more than one license files, you may save them in different folders. 

2)    The license activation flow supports offline activation. You may offline activate your computers via VoleLicenses.txt file.


1)    Please don't change the license file, it is encrypted somewhere and keep your license file safe.

2)    Anyone get your license can activate theirs as you. We will stop the piracy license even if it is yours.






Vole Office Price



Vole Office Standard Edition LTUD


Standard edition, lifetime use plus free minor version updates, personal use only.

Allow install on all your owned computers, allow you concurrent use.

Vole Office Professional Edition LTUD


Professional edition, lifetime use plus free minor version updates, personal use only.

Allow install on all your owned computers, allow you concurrent use.

Vole Office Ultimate Edition LTUD


Ultimate edition, lifetime use plus free minor version updates, personal use only.

Allow install on all your owned computers, allow you concurrent use.

Vole Office Business Ultimate Edition LTUD


Ultimate edition, lifetime use plus free minor version updates, allow commercial and any other use.

Allow install on all your owned computers, allow you concurrent use.


Vole Office PLANS






New, Open

Create, open document.

Save, Save As, Print

Save document.

Open multiple documents



Open multiple documents at same time.





Create and edit hyperlink.

Paragraph Styles



Use paragraph styles.

Tables  Styles




Use more than 105 table styles.





Inert pictures.





Insert charts.




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