Business and Personal Online Store Solution

Web-client access, LAN or WAN self-hosted server, maintenance-free design.

iStore is a fast, safe and heavy internet and intranet store solution. WAN or LAN self-hosted server, Web-admin access, and maintenance-free design. No database server required, no extra limitation. Supports standard purchase flow, account management, email management, automate holidays sales management, multiple currency and integrate PayPal IPN.



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Premium order experience

Standard purchase flow, account management, email management, automates holiday’s sales management, multiple currencies and integrates PayPal IPN.




Automate Holiday’s Sales

iStore supports a regular discount. So, you don’t have to worry about forgetting important holiday sales, and you don’t have to adjust the discount price again. All holiday’s sales will be carried out according to your regular schedule.

iStore has been tested with the latest version Microsoft IE, Google Chrome and Firefox web browser.




Get Paid Easily

iStore support a variety of payment methods, so that more users can buy your product.  




Coupon Code

Having the coupon code is very important for your promotion or keep your customers coming back.  




Multiple Currency

iStore support multiple currency, so that you can sale your products anywhere.  





Product Detail Page

You can set your products detail page easily in iStore.  


Web-Admin, support mobile.

For web-admin access, iStore on the web provides a premium browser-based experience. You don’t have to install any software on admin computer. iStore admin can do all kinds of operation via web browser such as create products, manage customers, manage orders, change iStore settings etc.




LAN or WAN Self-Hosted Server

You can deploy iStore server to wide-area network. All the clients can access the iStore server via internet. iStore server supports two type webs deploy ASP.NET website or virtual private server (VPS). You can also deploy iStore server to local area network computer. All the clients can access the iStore server via LAN.






Maintenance-Free Design

There is no Windows server required, no database server required for iStore server.  So, you don’t have to spend time and money on it.








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