9.8 Testimonials


Vole CHM Reviewer lets you view the content of HTML help files (CHM format) in a user-friendly working environment. In addition to text, it shows any associated notes and multimedia files, so it doesn't leave out anything.

Written by Cristina Jitaru

Vole CHM Reviewer programı, çeşitli programlar vasıtasıyla üzerine notlar, resimler, videolar ve sesler eklenen ofis dökümanlarının görüntülenebilmesi için kullanabileceğiniz ücretsiz programlardan bir tanesi.

Written by Yiğit Ekim Demir

Sometimes, you’ll be reviewing a CHM document and want to make notes on it. It’s not a hardcopy, so using a highlighter and a stack of sticky notes isn’t going to cut it. So how can you annotate a CHM document without getting a developer to hack it apart? By grabbing a copy of today’s discount software promotion, Vole CHM Reviewer Professioal Edition!

Written by Derek Lee


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