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Vole Windows Expedition is a universal file manager that offers the ability to preview multimedia files, Microsoft Office files, PDF documents, and more. With Vole Windows Expedition, you’ll be able to fully customize the way that you manage your files and documents, so that it makes sense with the way that you work. Move and dock windows to compare and contrast file lists.

Written by Derek Lee

Vole Windows Expedition is a software application built specifically for helping you preview images, audio and video files, as well as documents. Vole Windows Expedition comes packed with a handy suite of features for helping you preview and manage files with the aid of multiple Explorer projects.

Written by Ana Marculescu

Regardless of who you are or what you use your computer for, it seems that it's never very long before your system is simply full of files – Most of which you've probably forgotten about.

 Wouldn't it be lovely if there was a program that you could download onto your Windows system that would allow you to access, analyze, and manage all of your files in one handy and convenient place? If you answered yes, then we’ve certainly got some good news for you.

 Vole Windows Expedition has a super user friendly interface that can be understood and navigated by just about anyone and it allows you to preview a thumbnail of your images so that you don't have to open them up to see what they are.

Written by filecluster editor

Vole Windows Expedition er et af de mere radikale bud på, hvordan man får en helt anderledes oplevelse, når man navigere i Windows-pc’en. I programmet er nemlig integreret billedfremviser, webbrowser, medieafspiller samt word- og pdf’er, så det er muligt at få vist eller afspille dine filer direkte i stifinderen, uden at skulle til at åbne et eksternt program. Programmet fungerer problemfrit ved siden af Windows Explorer og kan desuden tages med på en USB-stik, så du har dine favoritscenarier ligegyldigt, hvilken pc du bruger.

Written by Rasmus Elm Rasmussen


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