8.8 Testimonials


Vole Word Reviewer Free Edition is a comprehensive piece of software developed to make it as easy as possible for you to add multimedia reviews to any VMC or Microsoft Word documents.

This fact recommends the app especially for business related environments and for users who need to review, attach and digitally sign a MS Word document without needing to change or actually manipulate the file.

Written by Cristina Jitaru

Vole Word Reviewer Professional Edition lets you add text and media notes to any Microsoft Office Word document without changing the file. With Vole Word Reviewer Professional Edition, you don’t have to resort to printing out and marking up a hardcopy version of a Word document, nor do you have to risk messing up pagination or formatting by making changes to the file. In fact, Vole Word Reviewer Professional Edition goes beyond these two clunky annotation methods to bring you the next generation of Word doc markup – one that includes text, images, audio, and video in your arsenal of tools!

Written by Derek Lee

Vole Word Reviewer programı, sık sık Microsoft Office Word dosyaları üzerinde not tutmak isteyen kullanıcıların sahip olmaları gereken programlardan bir tanesi. Ücretsiz olarak sunulan ve oldukça kolay bir kullanıma sahip olan program sayesinde, Word dökümanlarınız üzerinde herhangi bir değişiklik gerçekleştirmeden, en kolay yoldan onlara istediğiniz miktarda not ekleyebilir ve böylece orijinal dosyanın bozulmadan kalmasını sağlayabilirsiniz.

Written by Yiğit Ekim Demir

Vole Word Reviewer is a powerhouse application that lets you digitally sign Word documents using PKCS #12, one of the most secure digital signature archival format. But that’s not all. Vole Word Reviewer can also add a whole bunch of information, such as comments, reviewer names, online media/web-links, and attachments to Word documents. The media can even be previewed via the built-in media player. Sounds like something you can use? Let’s find out more.

Written by Rajat Sharma


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