Word processing documents can only create static websites. If you want your site to move, such as adding slideshows, lightbox or custom HTML, you need to add more resources, such as additional pictures, videos, documents, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, etc. You need to compress all these custom resources into a zip package and add them to your project. Then you can refer directly to their file names where you need to reference them.

字处理文档仅能创建静态网站。如果您希望您的网站动起来,比如添加幻灯片,灯箱或自定义HTML 您需要添加更多的资源, 比如额外的图片,视频,文档,JavaScriptCSS等。您需要将所有这些自定义资源压缩成一个ZIP包并添加到项目中。然后您在需要引用它们的地方直接引用它们的文件名即可。



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