It All Starts with Your Stunning Website

Create stylish charming professional websites based on usual word processing documents.


Create professional stylish charming websites based on documents. No coding, no online drag and drop. You only need to focus on editing your document with familiar word processing software. Vole PageShare will complete all remaining work on creating your website. 


You don't have to build your website from a sentence, a picture to start. The content of the website comes from your daily word processing files. Website navigation is done automatically.  All other work performed by Vole PageShare in a few seconds.


Your website is clean, complete, and can be run independently. You can publish your website to any site space. Your website supports HTML5 and other up-to-date network technologies.

All content on this page is provided by Vole PageShare and based on word processing document. You can use the software to create a web page that is exactly the same as this page. Of course, with vole PageShare software, you can create more content-rich websites.

本页面所有内容均由Vole PageShare提供 并以文字处理文档为基础。您使用该软件可以创建与本页完全一致的网页。当然,使用Vole PageShare 软件,您可以创建内容更加丰富的网站。




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Create stunning website based on your usual word documents and familiar word processing software.