Build stunning websites based on word processing files

Vole PageShare lets you create professionally fashionable websites based on word processing files. Vole PageShare supports for mainstream word processing software. Vole PageShare can seamlessly interface with Microsoft Office Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Softmaker word processing software. You can import DOC, DOCX, ODT, TMD files directly. Vole PageShare supports Google Docs. You can use the Google Docs download as zipped HTML feature and import the downloaded compressed HTML into Vole PageShare. Vole PageShare supports Kingsoft WPS, too. You can save WPS as zipped HTML and then import it into Vole PageShare. Similarly, in theory, Vole PageShare supports all software that can be exported or saved as HTML.

See Working with Mainstream Word Processing Software for more.

Automatically create and synchronize website menu with document.

Vole PageShare automatically creates website navigation menu for your website and synchronize with your document after your modify the document. Vole PageShare automatically creates website navigation based on the headings in your document. Multilevel headings will create multi-level website navigation.

Powerful website render

Vole PageShare can configure a variety of website styles based on your settings. For example, custom menu colors, 7 predefined menu colors, menu left, menu centered, menu right, menu fixed-top, menu fixed-bottom; website brand, website logo, website favicon, picture auto scale, picture landing page, MP4 landing page, etc.

Create Stylish Website

To build stylish website, Vole PageShare can add landing image to your home page.  And more, Vole PageShare can build most fashion website via creating MP4 video landing page for your website.

Make your site more stylish

Vole PageShare can add the current most popular controls to your web page. For example, slideshows, image light boxes, picture zoom modal, accordion and so on.

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Slide Shows'
Image Light Boxes'
Picture Zoom Modal'

Make your site more professional - Custom HTML

Vole PageShare can also make your site more professional. Vole PageShare can add custom HTML to your web page. So you can easily add online videos such as YouTube, Vimeo. You can easily add client code such as chat software Zopim, blog software Disqus etc. Theoretically, you can try to add to your site as long as the site provides embedded code.


Built-in Previewer

It's thoughtful, and Vole PageShare also has a powerful website preview embedded in it. You can preview your site's effects through the preview in the editing process.

Two Types of Websites

Uniquely, Vole PageShare can also create directory-form websites. Directory-form website displays website directory tree on the left that can be expanded and closed, the right side shows the content of the current selection page, and the content interacts. Similar in form to Windows Explorer. The directory-form website has powerful search capabilities, like a book that can easily manage more than 100 pages’ website. The directory-form website is especially suitable for large word processing files online sharing. Unlike PDF and file sharing, the directory-form website has all the features of the website and can share every page of the file. Each page has a separate URL. So you don't have to download all the files to see the internal content, like PDF and file sharing.





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