If you want to create a clean, complete, stand-alone website, but you do not understand network programming, it is almost impossible. You may have tried some of the online drag-and-drop editing sites that claim to be able to create a website without programming requirements. Without exception, your site cannot be run independently and can only run on that site, and you will not be able to migrate to other places in the future. How to identify the website is complete, can run independently? Disconnect the network cable and clear the browser cache to see if it is running as ever.

        如果您想创建一个干净的,完整的,能够独立运行的网站, 但您不懂网络编程,那几乎是不可能的。您可能尝试过一些声称无编程要求即可创建网站的在线拖放编辑网站的服务。但无一例外,您的网站是不能独立运行的,仅能在该网站上运行,您今后无法迁移到其他地方。如何鉴别网站是完整的,能独立运行的?断开网线,清除浏览器缓存,看它运行是否如初

Even if you can accept that you will not migrate your site in the future, you must also consider online editing issues. While the online drag and drop look is simple, but not high efficiency. The online drag-and-drop editor is far less useful than the local editor because of the speed problem and network technology. Less than 10 pages are barely manageable, and more than 20 pages are difficult to manage.


Even if you know how to do network programming, making a perfect website is still not a simple thing. First, do you have time to build your site from a sentence, a picture to start? Again, are you ready to pay for the beautiful controls you have in mind?


If you want to choose a professional web site editor to create your site, not to mention expensive prices and professional networking skills, are you ready to learn a new software tool for just creating a website? In fact, the production site is not your main business, you do not want to become a website expert, you just want to create a personal site, have their own domain name, and share some of your usual work results. You blurted out. Can't I create a website based on my usual documents and familiar word processing software?

       如果您想选择专业的网站编辑器创建您的网站,且不说昂贵的价格和专业的网络技术功底,您是否准备好为仅仅创建一个网站而学习一款新的软件工具?其实,制作网站并不是您的主业,您也并不想成为网站专家,您仅仅是想制作一个个人网站, 有自己的域名,分享一些您平时工作的成果。您脱口而出。难道就不能基于我平时写的文档和熟悉的文字处理软件创建网站吗?




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Create stunning website based on your usual word documents and familiar word processing software.