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Create professional stylish charming websites based on documents.


Vole PageShare lets you create professionally fashionable websites based on word processing files. You only need to focus on editing your document with familiar word processing software. Vole PageShare will complete all remaining work on creating you website. Just note that Vole PageShare automatically creates website pages based on the headings in your document. Multilevel headings will create multi-level website navigation.

        Vole PageShare让您基于字处理文件创建专业时尚的网站。您只需要专注于用您熟悉的字处理软件编辑您的文档。Vole PageShare将完成创建网站剩余的所有工作。您只需注意,Vole PageShare依据您文档中标题自动创建网页。多级标题将可以创建多级网站导航。

Vole PageShare can configure a variety of website styles based on your settings. For example, custom menu colors, predefined menu colors, menu left, menu centered, menu right, menu fixed-top, menu fixed-bottom; website brand, website logo, website favicon, picture auto scale, picture landing page, MP4 landing page, etc.

        Vole PageShare可以根据您的设置,配置多种网站样式。比如自定义菜单颜色,预定义菜单颜色,菜单居左, 菜单居中,菜单居右, 菜单固定于顶部,菜单固定于底部;网站品牌, 网站标志;网站图标;图片自动缩放, 图片登陆页,MP4视频登陆等等。

Vole PageShare can make your site more stylish. Vole PageShare can add the current most popular controls to your web page. For example, slideshows, picture light boxes, picture amplification, accordion and so on.

Vole PageShare可以让您的网站更时尚。Vole PageShare可以为您的网页添加当前最流行的控件。比如,幻灯片,图片灯箱,图片放大,手风琴等等。

Not only that, Vole PageShare can also make your site more professional. Vole PageShare can add custom HTML to your web page. So you can easily add online videos such as YouTube, Vimeo. You can easily add client code such as chat software Zopim, blog software Disqus etc. Theoretically, you can try to add to your site as long as the site provides embedded code.

        不仅如此,Vole PageShare还可以让您的网站更专业。Vole PageShare可以为您的网页添加自定义HTML。因此您可以轻松添加YouTubeVimeo等在线视频。您可以轻松添加聊天软件Zopim,博客软件Disqus等客户端代码。理论上只要该网站提供嵌入代码, 您都可以尝试添加到您的网站里。

Also, Vole PageShare can make your site more functional. Vole PageShare can add MP4 playback and download capabilities to your Web pages. And MP4 media and download files can be either network resources or embedded within the site.

        还有,Vole PageShare还可以让您的网站功能更丰富。Vole PageShare可以为您的网页添加MP4播放功能和下载功能。而且MP4媒体和下载文件既可以是网络资源也可嵌入网站内。

Uniquely, Vole PageShare can also create directory-form websites. Directory-form website displays website directory tree on the left that can be expanded and closed, the right side shows the content of the current selection page, and the content interacts. Similar in form to Windows Explorer. The directory-form website has powerful search capabilities, like a book that can easily manage more than 100 pages’ website. The directory-form website is especially suitable for large word processing files online sharing. Unlike PDF and file sharing, the directory-form website has all the features of the website and can share every page of the file. Each page has a separate URL. So you don't have to download all the files to see the internal content, like PDF and file sharing.

        独一无二的是,Vole PageShare还可以创建目录形式网站。目录形式网站在左边显示可以展开和收起的网站目录树,右边显示当前选择网页的内容,左右内容互动。形式与Windows资源管理器相似。目录形式网站具备强大的搜索功能, 就像一本书,可以轻松管理超过100页的网站。目录形式网站尤其适用于大型字处理文件在线分享。与PDF和文件分享不同的是,目录形式网站具备网站的一切特性,可以分享文件的每一页。每一页都有独立的网址。因此不必像PDF和文件分享那样,必须下载全部文件后才可以看到内部内容。

Efficient off-line editing, Vole PageShare is designed to be able to edit your site offline. The advantages are obvious compared to online editing.

        高效离线编辑,Vole PageShare被设计为可以离线编辑您的网站。相对于在线编辑,优势是显而易见的。

It's thoughtful, and Vole PageShare also has a powerful website preview embedded in it. You can preview your site's effects through the preview in the editing process.

        令人倍感体贴的,Vole PageShare还内嵌强大网站预览器。编辑过程中您都可以通过预览器预览您的网站效果。

Most importantly, Vole PageShare allows you to export your site at any time. Your website is pure, complete, and can be run independently. Your site supports HTML5 and other up-to-date network technologies. You can publish your website to any site space. Of course, you can publish your website to our Sanwhole website space. Our website space is first-rate, to your service is fast. After all, we know our products best.

        最重要的,Vole PageShare可以让您随时导出您的网站。您的网站是纯净的,完整的的,可独立运行的。您的网站支持HTML5以及其它最新的网络技术。您可以将您的网站发布到任何网站空间。当然,您可以将您的网站发布到我们Sanwhole的网站空间。我们的网站空间是一流的,对您的服务是快捷的。毕竟我们对我们的产品最了解。

Support for mainstream word processing software. All software that can be exported or saved as HTML is theoretically supported. Vole PageShare can seamlessly interface with Microsoft Office Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Softmaker word processing software. You can import DOC, DOCX, ODT, TMD files directly. Vole PageShare supports Google Docs. You can use the Google Docs download as zipped HTML feature and import the downloaded compressed HTML into the Vole PageShare. Vole PageShare supports Kingsoft WPS, you can save WPS as zipped HTML and then import it into Vole PageShare. Similarly, in theory, Vole PageShare supports all software that can be exported or saved as HTML. If you try, the results are not good, please let us know. Perhaps we can support it soon, thanks first.

        支持主流字处理软件。理论上支持所有可以导出或另存为HTML的软件。Vole PageShare可以和微软Office WordOpenOffice, LibreOfficeSoftmaker字处理软件无缝衔接。您可以直接导入DOC,DOCX,ODT,TMD文件。Vole PageShare支持Google Docs 您可以使用Google Docs 下载为压缩的 HTML功能,并将下载的压缩HTML导入到Vole PageShareVole PageShare支持Kingsoft WPS,您可以将WPS另存为压缩的HTML然后再导入到Vole PageShare。类似的,理论上,Vole PageShare支持所有可以导出或另存为HTML的软件。如果您尝试后,结果不佳,请通知我们。也许我们很快就可以支持它,先致谢意。





The supported format in the table below: the support list is increasing. In theory, it supports all the software and services that can save their document as HTML.

Google Docs (Online)

Version: latest



Microsoft Office Word

Version: 2002 and higher

OpenOffice Text Writer

Version: 4 and higher

LibreOffice Text Writer

Version: 5 and higher


Softmaker Text Writer

Version: 2018 and higher

Kingsoft WPS Text Writer

Version: 10 and higher




In order to give you more information about the software, we use as many examples as possible on this page, such as MP4 Landing video, slides, accordion and a large number of pictures. This can affect the load performance of this web page. In the actual web design, you can use these features for different web pages.

为了让您更多的了解本软件, 我们尽可能多的例子应用于本网页,比如MP4登陆视频,幻灯片,手风琴和大量图片等。因此可能会影响本网页加载性能。在实际网页设计中,您可以将这些功能分别用于不同的网页。




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