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Online Traditional Education


SWOTE – Sanwhole Online Traditional Education

A remote education self-help platform based on traditional education that allows principals to set up online virtual schools, teachers teach remotely, students learn remotely, and obtain the same quality of education as in school learning.





  • Open School or Virtual Learning
  • Perfect Storm for Teachers
  • The Common Crisis of Students and Teachers
  • Virtual Learning Company Performance
    • Why TERRIBLE and Student–Faculty Ratio
    • Student–Faculty Ratio of Virtual Learning
    • The Shortcomings of the High Student–Teacher Ratio
  • Virtual Learning vs. Traditional Learning
  • What is SWOTE?
  • More Benefits From SWOTE
    • Safest
    • Highest Quality
    • More Opportunities for Teachers
    • Pods - Opportunities for Parents
  • SWOTE Operation Mode








  • Self-Help Create Virtual School
  • Remote Teaching
  • Remote Learning
  • Pods Micro-Home-School
  • Enterprise-Grade Video Conferencing
  • Enterprise-Mail
  • Rich Windows Local Support Software
  • System Main Features








  • Remote Math Examination
  • Remote Math Homework
  • Remote Music Homework
  • Remote Painting Homework
  • Screen-shots Student Do Exam
    • Teacher Review 1
    • Teacher Review
    • Teacher Digital Signature








  • Traditional Learning
    • ISO 9000 P-D-C-A Process Control
    • ISO 9000 Documented Information Management
    • ISO 9000 Continual Improvement
  • Rich and Colorful Learning
    • Online Music Homework
    • Online Painting Homework
  • Fashion Learning
    • Vole Word Reviewer
    • Vole Word Reviewer
    • Fashion web access
  • Easy Learning
  • Remote Learning
  • Examination Optimization
  • Digital Signature
  • School E-Mail Service
  • Enterprise-Grade Video Conferencing
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  • What is SWOTE?
  • SWOTE—The Right Choice for My Family Why should I choose SWOTE?
    • Is SWOTE Accredited?
    • Can I create pods micro-school on SWOTE?
  • Educational Questions Does SWOTE have an attendance requirement?
    • Who teaches students at SWOTE?
    • What kind of support does a virtual teacher provide to his/her students?
    • Who is responsible for reading and grading students’ course work done?
    • What is the schedule for the school year?
    • What hours will my student’s teacher be available to my student?
    • What hours will my student attend school at SWOTE?
    • How, and how often, will my student interact with his/her teacher and/or other students?
    • What curriculum does SWOTE provide?
  • Technical Questions What technology will student need to participate in SWOTE?
    • What computer skills do SWOTE students need?
    • Can I use my Apple, Macintosh computer to access SWOTE system?









  • Windows 7, 8.1, 10 with .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed.
  • Sanwhole Studio.
  • Handwriting board.
  • Internet access.