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A Super Students Tools Package, Powerful, Easy to Use and Fully Compatible.




Vole Windows Expedition

Dual Explorer, Tri Explorer and Quad Explorer.

Multi-panel, one-click to get all your files and folders ready in a nicely gallery format. A more graceful way to manage documents. Dual-explorer, Tri-explorer and Quad-explorer with built-in previewer. Support 4K monitor (3840X2160) and monitor scaling.  Docking-tabbed your files and folders as you want.



Vole Internet Expetion

The fastest dock-able web browser.

Multi-view, one-click to get all your websites ready in a nicely gallery format. A more graceful way to browse the web. Scene-Reproduce feature reproduces all the websites that you customized automatically, Docking-tabbed feature lets you dock and table your websites as you want. Support 4K monitor (3840X2160) and monitor scaling.


Vole Word Editor

100% compatible Microsoft Word editor

A light Microsoft Word editor, help you create full-featured Microsoft Word DOCX document and replicate Microsoft Office user experience.


Vole Excel Editor

100% compatible Microsoft Excel editor

A light Microsoft Excel editor, help you create full-featured Microsoft Excel XLSX document and replicate Microsoft Office user experience.


Vole Briefcase

Similar to PowerPoint but integrated with multimedia

Freely demonstrate your ideas, easily combine various presentation contents in one window, including picture, audio, video, PDF, Word and online resources such as YouTube video, website, etc. Vole Briefcase can also be used as a fully customized collector of multiple resources. Virtual directory, built-in previewer, single carry file.

Vole PageShare

Building and Hosting Professional Websites from Docx File Without Installing Office.

Easily import docx file and export three types websites with same Word file include standard website, tree style website and single page website. Easy integrate interactive HTML5 controls such as video player, slideshow, accordion, advanced tab, tree, etc. Easy embed custom HTML code, easily add YouTube video, Disqus comment, Zendesk chat, etc. in your website.

Vole Edutainment

An Edutainment player can auto play YouTube, MP4, website, MS Word files, etc.

A powerful player. The difference is that Vole Edutainment can not only play music and videos, but can also automatically present file contents such as DOCX, PDF, MHTML, etc. Vole Edutainment can also present web pages, as well as online music videos like YouTube etc.


Vole Magic Note

A Word notebook integrate with multimedia

From simple rich text note to the most complex HTML 5 note, Vole Magic Note can handle it with ease. Vole Magic Note lets you create a complete professional website or a separate Office Word docx file as each note. No note title, category and others you have to consider. Timeline is always ready for you!


Vole Word Reviewer

Microsoft Word files learning and review tool

No review functions even Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF can meet ISO file management requirements because they change the original file after reviewing the file. That is absolute not acceptable for digital file management. Review Microsoft Word document without changing the original file. The only Microsoft Word review software that meets ISO file review requirements.


Vole PDF Creator

Powerful PDF creator

Vole PDF Creator lets you create professional PDF just like editing Microsoft Word files. The built-in Word editor repeats Microsoft Office user experience. You can create multilevel bookmark PDF with rich Text, pictures, hyperlinks, and MS style tables and preview in the built-in previewer.

Sanwhole Office is powerful, easy to use and fully compatible with Microsoft Office Word and Excel, making it the best choice for individuals, schools and companies.




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