Vole Windows Expedition

One-Click To Get All Your Files And Folders Ready In A Nicely Gallery Format, A More Graceful Way To Manage Documents

Vole Windows Expedition is a new generation file manager, a fast and more graceful way to manage your documents. Four Dual-Explorers let you control files and folders with ease. Document Previewer can preview most files within built-in media player.  Scene-Reproduce feature reproduces all the files and folders that you customized automatically, Docking-tabbed feature lets you dock and table your files and folders as you want. You do not have to manually search, open and close the same files and folders again and again. You do not have to manually adjust the files and folders docking and table position again and again. So have a cup of coffee, open the software lets Vole Windows Expedition do all for you, it will save much time for you every day.




Dual File Explorers

Four Dual full functional Windows file explorer.

Vole Windows Expedition dual explorer is a combination of two Windows file explorer. Each explorer is a full function fully compatible Windows file explorer. You can display the explorers in vertical or horizontal and you can prominent each explorer via one click.




Documents Previewer

Document Previewer lets you view a variety of resources in the built-in media player.

With Documents Previewer, you may preview images, audio, video, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PDF, CHM, VMC, RTF, TXT, SWF, GIF, HTM, and HMT in the built-in media player. You can also preview online resources such as YouTube video, websites, webpage within VMC.




One-click operate, gets all files and folder within any scene ready automatically. Instant navigation and accurate position. Scene-Reproduce feature will automatically save the opened files and folder and their docking configuration to your local disk and will restore the opened files and folder same as saved when starts. And more, scene can be exported and imported. If you export your scene and import to as many as other computers, BOOM, all the other computers will open files and folders same as yours.


Docking-Tabbed is premium window control technology that lets you dock and table window as you want, Parallel, Vertical, Horizontal, Float, Horizontal Group, Vertical Group, Prominent, etc. This lets you view your web pages more convenient than ever. Most of the software you can imagine cannot provide this complicated feature, such as Windows, Office, iTunes, etc. Up to now, any other file managers don't have this feature.

Five-level Topology

Files and folders, categories, projects, scenes and scene manager five-level topology structure, the heaviest loaded file manager.

Color Themes

More than 15 beautiful featured themes relax your eyes; they are: Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 365 and Sparkle blue, silver, black, white color themes.





Vole Windows Expedition Classic Experience









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  • Vole Word Reviewer
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  • Vole PDCA
  • iMail
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  • iSchool
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    • iSchool Classic Experience - Math Exam
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    • iSchool Classic Experience – Art Homework
  • iOffice
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    • Exchange Server Install and Setup (LAN)
  • Railway Signal
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Free Edition

Professional Edition

Ultimate Edition


Document Previewer


Multi-Dual Explorers





Scene Reproduce


Reproduces all the files and folders that you customized. Get all your files and folder ready automatically, a more graceful way to manage your documents.

Color Themes




Six beautiful color themes relax your eyes.

Max Pages in Category




A category is a general files and folders table can include as many files and folders as you want.

Max Categories in Project




A project can have several categories. You can use the seven preset categories or renew them as you want.

Max Projects in Scene




A scene can have several projects.

Max Scenes in Manager




You can manage several scenes via scene manager.

Music Mate


Cover + GIF

Cover + GIF  + LRC


Magic GIF


+ Note

+ Note + Index


Images Watermark



Folder + IMG + TXT









Download PDF

Online Guide

Download CHM



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