Sanwhole was founded in 2008. Sanwhole focuses on software development, is active in areas that need to be addressed but still unresolved, and offers easy and enjoyable solutions.

Sanwhole Studio provides a Windows desktop suite including multi-view web browser, dual file explorer, Word editor, Excel editor, Word reviewer, presentation, media player, magic note, website creator, PDF creator, CHM creator etc.

Sanwhole Studio 365 is the online free services of Sanwhole Studio.

Sanwhole Exchange is a free self-hosted email server, fully web-client access.

iOffice Remote Working System provides remote working online services and local P-D-C-A process control, continual improvement and documented information control.

iSchool Remote Education System is an iOffice system dedicated to students' homework and examination.

SWOTE – Sanwhole Online Traditional Education service is a remote education self-help platform based on traditional education that allows principals to set up online virtual schools, teachers teach remotely, students learn remotely, and obtain the same quality of education as in school learning.





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