Pre-requirements预先安: VC++

Installer (64bit)安装程序: EXE, MSI.

Store商店: Vole Office

Vole Office

A light Microsoft Word and Excel editor and replicate Microsoft Office user experience.

Vole Office is a light Microsoft Word and Excel editor lets you create full-featured Microsoft Word DOCX and Microsoft Excel XLSX document and replicate Microsoft Office user experience. Vole Office is easy to use, and fully compatible with Microsoft Office Word and Excel. Vole Word supports rich-text, hyper-link, image, fonts, paragraph styles and more than 100 professional tables. Vole Excel supports chart and formular.









Vole Office Classic Experience









Vole PageShare List Scroller HTML5 control 6.03.22013, Sanwhole Presents. (



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Built by Vole PageShare 8.7.23093, Sanwhole Presents. (

Create professional stunning websites via built-in Word editor and enjoy Microsoft Office user experience.


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