Vole Magic Note

You've never so easily created multimedia notes.

With Vole Magic Note is the easiest way to created and organizes your multimedia notes. You can integrate local disk image, audio, video and any other documents even online resources such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox and even websites into your daily notes and enjoy them in the built-in media player. With Multimedia Integration, Rich Text and Magic Touch, Events Reminder, Keys Manager, Powerful Search, Dock-tabbed window and six beautiful themes, Vole-Magic-Note provides you a new multimedia based notes experience.

Title: Sanwhole Vole Magic Note - Description: Sanwhole Vole Magic Note

Multimedia Integrating and playing

You've never so easily created multimedia notes. Vole Magic Note lets you craft stunning multimedia notes that contain pictures, music, movies, any documents and links to online resources. While you are browsing the notes, the powerful Media Player can preview all kinds of media files and documents in the built-in Media Player, such as Pictures, Movies, YouTube video, websites, PDF, Office Word, Excel, Power Point, Flash, RTF, GIF, HTM, MHT, even disk folders, and more.

Rich Note and Magic Touch

With Vole Magic Note Unique technology create stand out daily notes.

Rich Text Note lets you create rich text standard notes. You can change note text font, color, size etc. Magic Touch lets you set extra properties for each rich text line, such as events reminder, mood, lyrics timer etc. Magic Touch technical is Sanwhole unique technical and Rich Text Note and Magic Touch go great together.

Events Reminder

Integrate events in your notes, never miss an event.

Events Reminder lets you integrate events remind in your daily notes, then you'll never miss an event no matter trigger once or more complicated trigger logic. You will get a one-time alert or circulate alerts according to the event type and you can even set the trigger ahead of time for each reminder event.

Keys Manager

Manage all your keys and remind you when events triggered.

Keys Manager can manage all kinds of your registration including Name, Password, Website, Last Login etc. and can help you navigating the website. Key Manager can lets you set event reminder and fee amount for each registration event. When the event triggered, the event will be displayed in Events Reminder Windows include the fee amount.

Powerful Search

Show search results in parallel window, never disturb your current work.

Vole Magic Note Search doesn't disturb your current work and shows search results in instant extended parallel window. And more, the search result window structure is same with its original edit window. So you can have bird eyes on the search results with ease.

Music Mate

With Music Mate you can display, create and export full size artworks cover and sync lyrics display while listening to the music, it is much better than Windows Media Player and Apple iTunes.

Music Mate supports sync lyrics display and can create and export lyrics for most popular music such as mp3, flac, m4a etc. And more, Music Mate supports sync display gif animation artworks and sync display lyrics while playing the music.

VMC Discovery

VMC Discovery explores VMC multimedia library in any webpage and preview the multimedia integrated online. VMC Discovery will automatically analyze any web page and try to find out VMC multimedia library. VMC Discovery will list the analysis results on the bottom list when analysis is ready. You can click the VMC multimedia items and preview the integrated multimedia online. We made a VMC multimedia library example named Weekly Picks to give you a better understanding VMC Discovery.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer that supports several preset timer plus customize timer and makes text, image and sound alarm when triggered.

Just one key, you can set a countdown timer including 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. minutes intervals. And you may set different interval via enter value. The timer will display the time left when counting down and will make text, image and sound alarm when timeout. You can click stop to close the timer, or the timer will display the over time.

A convenient timer is very useful especially when you concentrate on more than one thing.

Six Color Themes

Six beautiful featured themes relax your eyes; they are: Office Blue, Office Silver, Office Black, Media Blue, Media Orange and Media Purple;


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