Enterprise-class internal email system include self-host server and fully web access clients.

iMail provides Microsoft Exchange enterprise internal e-mail function. Even better, iMail server doesn’t need Windows server, windows 10 is enough. iMail client doesn’t need outlook, a browser is enough.

Enterprise-class internal email system, rapid emails processing

Built-in rich text editor

Fully web access client and mobile friendly. There is no need to install any software on the client

Self-hosted Server

iMail has Self-hosted server, no Windows Server is required. iMail server can be installed on latest Windows operating system, typically Windows 10. You can fully control your email data.



Sanwhole Exchange iMail Server Guide

(Plan1-LAN  2022-04-18)








Server Install and Setup (Plan1-LAN 2018)


iMail Experiences (Plan1-LAN)








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