Sanwhole was founded in 2008 in Beijing, China. Sanwhole focuses on software development, is active in areas that need to be addressed but still unresolved, and offers easy and enjoyable solutions.

Sanwhole Studio

Sanwhole Studio provides a complete desktop for individuals including multi-view web browser, dual-panel file explorer, word, excel, presentation, reviewer, note, website creator, PDF creator, CHM creator and memory enhancer. Sanwhole Studio for your daily work, learning, life software needs, each has unique function.

Sanwhole Studio 365 is an online version of Sanwhole Studio.

Sanwhole Exchange iMail Server

Sanwhole Exchange iMail Server  A self-hosted e-mail server with fully web-client access and can be deployed in company network and Internet.

iOffice Remote Working System

iOffice Remote Working System provides remote working online services and local ISO 9000 P-D-C-A process control, continual improvement and documented information control to achieve real remote working for government, enterprise and organization.

iSchool Remote Education System

iSchool Remote Education System is an iOffice system dedicated to students' homework and examination, provides school local and remote homework ISO 9000 P-D-C-A process control and documented information control process control.

SWOTE – Sanwhole Online Traditional Education

SWOTE – Sanwhole Online Traditional Education service is a remote education self-help platform based on traditional education that allows principals to set up online virtual schools, teachers teach remotely, students learn remotely, and obtain the same quality of education as in school learning.

Classical Literature

Classical Literature, lets you read more than 3000 world classical masterpieces online.

Vole Seek Online services

Vole Seek Follow the root and trace the source, eliminate the false and retain the true. Throughout history, take a look at how the ancients answered your questions in more than 20K classical literature books.

Sanwhole Railway Signal

Sanwhole Railway Signal stands at the forefront of railway signals, presenting to you online the top technology and development prospects of railway signals from a unique internet perspective. You can manipulation railway signal station equipment at home, in the office or even on your mobile phone to experience the work of station operators.







The owner and leader of Sanwhole is 王明正 (WANG MING ZHENG, English name is Norman Wong). Norman was graduated from Shanghai Railway University (Shanghai Tongji University) in 1996, majoring in signal control. Norman started out as senior engineer in the railway and subway train signal automatic control field and working in the field more than 20 years. When he worked at CRSCD, his footprints spread all over China's trunk railways, from Urumqi in the west to Tumen Yalu River in the East, from Harbin in the north to Hainan Island in the south. After that, he cooperated with Westinghouse for many years, and the products he presided R&D over were successfully applied to Tianjin and Beijing subway. Norman is well versed in project management, quality management and safety management. Prior to focusing on managing Sanwhole, he was the general manager of a well-known metro signal control company. Now, Norman has led Sanwhole in the field of general software R&D for more than 10 years, creating a unique universal software platform. At the same time, Norman continues to develop its areas of expertise working on the development of iZTO (Internet Zone Train Optimize System).

WANG MING ZHENG, Norman Wong, 王明正

Norman has a passion for software. In childhood, he has excellent performance in computer. Has won the national computer competitions first prize. At that time, he used the computer is APPLE II. Norman doesn't like to waste time, like to let the computer do repetitive tasks to save time. Sanwhole software is initially because he was unable to find the save time software and create it for his own use. For example, Creating Vole Internet Expedition is because of unacceptable wasting time on surfing the internet; Creating Vole Windows Expedition is because of unacceptable wasting time on managing files; Creating Vole Media CHM is because of unacceptable wasting time on creating help; Creating Vole Briefcase is because cannot preview media and online resources while presenting in PowerPoint; Creating Vole PageShare is because cannot build a professional website via Word docx document; Creating Vole PDF Creator is because cannot create PDF document easily, etc.

Sanwhole is very small in scale. Sanwhole is not a company and does not plan to become one. It is Norman one person platform that loves software. Sanwhole growth is very fast. Sanwhole software features are updated every week and increasing every month. Sanwhole software is very advance and unique. You cannot find the similar products in the market. Sanwhole is active in areas that need to be addressed but still unresolved and offers easy and enjoyable solutions.



Microsoft is plagiarizing Sanwhole software that I have personally created 15 years. Microsoft also pre-installed the plagiarized content in Windows and Edge for free, which hit me hard, just like Netscape back then. Microsoft describes its plagiarized content as "Explore these Windows 11 features and learn why Windows 11 is the best Windows yet." I have sent an email to Microsoft CEO about this matter, and posted directly on Microsoft Twitter. But it has been more than 10 days and no reply has been received from Microsoft. Compared to Microsoft, I am just a weak programmer who cannot afford the cost of seeking justice. Of course, Microsoft has seen this clearly, so it dares to plagiarize unscrupulously. However, Microsoft may not have noticed that not many people can focus on one thing for 15 years. I believe that rules are needed in this industry, and no one person or organization can do whatever they want. If we tolerant and indulgent today, it will be difficult for anyone to be leave well alone tomorrow.  I personally can do my little bit to uphold justice, let alone you? See the Sanwhole homepage for details.

微软正在抄袭我个人倾注15年创作的Sanwhole软件。微软还将抄袭的内容免费预装在WindowsEdge中,这让我倍受打击,就像当年的网景。微软这样描述其抄袭的内容是“Explore these Windows 11 features and learn why Windows 11 is the best Windows yet.” 我已经就此事给微软CEO发了邮件,和直接在微软Twitter上发帖。但至今已经超过10天,未收到微软任何回复。相比微软,我只是一个弱势的程序员,付不起寻求公正的成本。微软当然也看清了这一点,才敢肆无忌惮的抄袭。但是,微软可能没有注意到,能15年专注一件事的人并不很多。我认为,在这个行业里需要规矩,任何人和组织不能为所欲为。如果我们今天姑息养奸 ,那么明天任何人都难独善其身。我个人尚可尽微薄之力来维护公正,更何况您呢? 详见Sanwhole主页







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