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Vole Seek

Follow the root and trace the source, eliminate the false and retain the true.


Throughout history, take a look at how the ancients answered your questions.


If you have a question, search engines can easily tell you the answer, mostly based on people's current opinions. Vole Seek help you take a look at how the ancients answered your question, throughout history. With this, you can follow the root and trace the source, eliminate the false and retain the true.

如果你有问题,搜索引擎可以很容易地告诉你答案,主要是基于人们当前的意见。Vole Seek帮助您了解历史上古人是如何回答您的问题的。借此,你可以循本溯源,去伪存真。

Vole Seek supports querying multiple keywords in multiple files and supports precise positioning and searching by grouping.

Vole Seek支持查询多个文件中的多个关键字,并支持精确定位和分组搜索。

Vole Seek's membership edition also supports cloud storage of search results and cloud annotation of search results.

Vole Seek的会员版还支持搜索结果云保存和搜索结果云注释。

Vole Seek supports multiple language book searches. Currently available books include English and Chinese.

Vole Seek 支持多种语言书籍搜索。当前已有的书籍包括英文和中文。

Vole Seek supports dozens of popular skin styles.

Vole Seek 支持几十种流行的皮肤样式。

Vole Seek network edition supports all desired smartphones, PADs, and computers. The local edition of Vole Seek supports Windows operating system.

Vole Seek网络版 支持所欲智能手机,PAD和电脑。Vole Seek本地版支持Windows操作系统。

Now use Vole Seek free online service, click here.  现在就使用Vole Seek的免费在线服务,点击这里

See if anyone has used “yesterday, today and tomorrow” at the same time.


Ah, three uses in three books were found in 685 books, group size is 50 chars.



We increased the group size to 100 characters. Find a few more items that match.



Let's take a look at Vole Seek the local edition.

再来看看Vole Seek本地版本。

See how the ancients used ginkgo biloba.


If there are too many search results, you can achieve a more accurate search by increasing the search criteria. For example, "Within separate line", "At the beginning of the line", and setting "Max line length".


Can pumpkin and lamb be eaten together? (The ancients said no)


What is the prescription for using rehmannia, Chinese yam, cornus and tuckahoe.


It should be Liu Wei Di Huang Wan. 应该是六味地黄丸。

Search for situations where multiple keywords are used together. Turn on the grouping function and set the grouping size.


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