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Vole Edutainment


Direct your own quasi-movies provide a movie like experience.

Vole Edutainment combines various local and online resources to generate a single file quasi-movie, and automatically plays them in the built-in media player according to your preset duration and sequence. Freely demonstrate your ideas, let readers don't need any operation to enjoy the quasi-movies directed by you just like watching movies. Vole Edutainment supports a variety of movie materials such as local disk Image, Audio, Video, DOCX, PDF, MHTML, CHM, etc. and online resources such as webpages, YouTube video and online MP4, etc.

Why Vole Edutainment?

Vole Edutainment focus on reader experience.

There are a lot of presentation software that can show your ideas. Of course, we think our Vole Briefcase is very good. But without exception, all of them need presenter's participation. Even if readers have presentation documents, they can't get a good presentation experience.

Vole Edutainment focus on readers experience, Make the presentation into a quasi-movie, let readers don't need any operation to enjoy the quasi-movies directed by you just like watching movies. Therefore, the same experience is achieved for the reader even if the presenter is not involved.

Growing pains

Everyone's growth has unlimited memories, images, voices, movies and words. They are decentralized and there is no way to integrate them. Neither pictures, music, movies nor documents can accurately describe it. Let vole education help you!  Vole Edutainment can integrate your growing graphics, audio, video and various documents, and even your online related resources. You and your family and friends can enjoy the works you directed and acted on like watching movies.

Holiday gifts

A flower for Valentine’s Day and a card for birthday is nothing new. Why don't you use Vole Edutainment to make a quasi-movie for him or her? Isn't that more meaningful?

Autobiography and biography

Isn't it a good choice for Vole Edutainment to make biographies? You have to know that a movie is better than a thousand pictures, and a picture is better than a thousand words.

School News

It is also a good idea to show students' learning life with Vole Education.


Product Introduction

Do not have to hire expensive advertising agencies, the company can also produce beautiful and moving self-introduction, product introduction and easy to update.

Vole Diagram Inside

Easily embed Vole Diagram, just like adding pictures or videos to your VMC. The software will automatically recognize and correctly display the XML file in built-in media player.








Vole Edutainment Classic Experience



Vole Edutainment Classic Experience DIY








Include: Vole Briefcase, Vole Magic Note, Vole PageShare, Vole Edutainment, Vole Reviewer, Vole PDF Creator, Vole Media CHM and Vole PDCA.





All features in addition to VMC sales function

All features

VMC sales function includes a series of functions to support VMC sales. Including: Online unlocking, Read-only and Anti-MP4 piracy, PC verification, Original protection, etc. For details:









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