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Sanwhole, founded in 2008, is the best non-mainstream software manufacturer. Sanwhole has donated software systems to education for many times. During the epidemic, Sanwhole donated Sanwhole Online Traditional School - iSchool.

In our communication with educators, we learned that most schools are unable to provide full-featured Word and Excel software for each student. Few schools can afford to provide PDF creator or Website creator software to every educator.

Again, Sanwhole is donating Sanwhole Office software suite to education, including Word, Excel, PDF Creator, Website Creator, Magic Note, Dual-Explorer, Docking-Browser, Briefcase, etc. 10 software.

Each copy of Sanwhole Office is worth $384, fully functional and lifetime edition (Sanwhole Office School Ultimate Edition LTUD). It is the same software as the one sold on Sanwhole's official website. You can get it for free through this donation.

Sanwhole Office can be the essential tools commonly used by people. In order to benefit more students and educators from the donation, Sanwhole provides a Multi-User-Unlimited super redeem code which allows unlimited students and educators to use Sanwhole Office.

 We are happy to share this super code with you, but please don't use it alone. You can help other students and educators via retweet here:

How to use the redeem code?

  1. Download and install Sanwhole Studio installer here. (Tips: pay attention pre-requirements and read installation FAQ in the same page.)
  2. Register on Sanwhole website if you have not registered here. (Tips: send an email to complete the verification.)
  3. Run Sanwhole Studio and activate the software via the redeem code. Learn how to redeem and activate.


The donation plan will end at the end of 2021, but may be terminated at any time. Please use it early.

 No matter which country, if you are a student, teacher or educator, you can get the Multi-User-Unlimited super code for free. Please contact us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.


We offer FREE licensed software to education worldwide you’d have to buy otherwise. Your donation, which is purely optional, supports Sanwhole Education project.

If you like the software, please consider a donation. You can contribute via contact us at




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