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A remote traditional learning system lets teachers teach at home, students learn at home and get the same quality education as in school.

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iSchool Tele-Education System Main Features

iSchool Tele-Education System consists of iMail server, iFile server and Vole Word Reviewer software. iMail server provides enterprise e-mail service. iFile server ensure homework and examination documented information meets ISO 9000 documented information control requirements. Vole Word Reviewer software do with teacher and student learning interactive P-D-C-A process.  

With iSchool Tele-Education System:

Students: iSchool allows students to study at home. Students are still learning in the traditional way, including teachers in class teaching, students do homework after class, teachers correct students' homework, students correct their mistakes. In this cycle, students learning knowledge, correct their mistakes and consolidate their correctness. As the whole learning process of students is the same as that in school, they are still guided by real people teachers, students' homework and test papers are corrected by real people teachers, so students can get the same quality education at home as in school. Therefore, even if the school is closed, students can continue to complete their studies.

Teachers: iSchool allows teachers to teach at home. All teaching activities can be completed remotely from home, such as release teaching materials, assign homework and exams, correct each student's homework and papers, contact with students etc. Because it is the same as teaching at school, even teaching at home is fully eligible for full pay. Because our system follows the traditional way of education, the demand for teachers is basically unchanged, so you don't have to worry about losing your job because the school is closed. Perhaps, you should be glad, thanks to iSchool, otherwise “Virtual Learning” will make 99.99% teachers lose their jobs.

Parents: iSchool allows parents to work outside the home. Although children study at home, their learning and rest time remains unchanged. They learn regularly and interact with their real people teachers all the time. So, parents can go out to work with confidence.

Government:  iSchool allows students learn at home, teachers teach at home, parents go out to work. Less investment, quick results. The typical commissioning time is one month.

  • Focus on traditional students and teacher' learning interactive process combined with P-D-C-A process control method.
  • Homework and examination process control meets ISO 9000 documented information control.
  • All traditional paper homework and exams, such as mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, etc. And image, audio and video homework.
  • Standard learning process, multiple learning process and fully customized learning process.
  • Students and teachers only need to add a simple handwriting board except for a PC and internet access.
  • Enterprise class e-mail.
  • Integrated multiple Sanwhole own learning tools software including: Word, Excel, Painter, Explorer, Browser, PDF Creator, Website Creator, Daily Note, Presentation, Remember, Reviewer, etc.
  • Self-hosted server, rich self-produced supporting software, all data is kept within school or school owned area.





  • Remote Math Examination
  • Remote Math Homework
  • Remote Music Homework
  • Remote Painting Homework
  • Screen-shots Student Do Exam
    • Teacher Review 1
    • Teacher Review
    • Teacher Digital Signature








  • Traditional Learning
    • ISO 9000 P-D-C-A Process Control
    • ISO 9000 Documented Information Management
    • ISO 9000 Continual Improvement
  • Rich and Colorful Learning
    • Online Music Homework
    • Online Painting Homework
  • Fashion Learning
    • Vole Word Reviewer
    • Vole Word Reviewer
    • Fashion web access
  • Easy Learning
  • Remote Learning
  • Examination Optimization
  • Digital Signature
  • School E-Mail Service
  • Enterprise-Grade Video Conferencing
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iSchool Tele-Education System Giveaway

To help students learn safely and reopen schools in the fall, Sanwhole is offering its iSchool tele-education system server and client-side software completely free of charge to schools around the world. Those who have a common ambition are welcome to join. 

We decided to make one million iSchool system completely free to schools around the world. Each system includes at least 1,000 students, about one billion licenses in total. And, what's better, each license supports perpetual use, and ultimate function.

Please Note:

  1. The giveaway is limited to our software products, excluding general equipment such as computers, handwriting tools, networks, bandwidth, operating systems, etc.
  2. At this stage, we only accept inquiries from the government and school management.

If you need the giveaway, please contact us at

Thank you!

Norman Wong






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